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  • Q How to use & keep it?

    A You can make cake, cookie, chocolate, ice cream and any other dessert by this product, for example, if you make a cake, please remember use small amount of butter,.which product is adapt to oven, microwave oven and freezer. You can easily remove mold after inversion 3-5 mins. Please remember clean it after use and sealed bag saved. Our product have a long operating life if you use appropriately.
  • Q What is the product characteristics?

    Ultra-wide temperature resistance ranges from minus 60 degrees to high temperature s260 degrees.
    With the "non-stick Non-Stick" feature, food ingredients do not stick to the surface of platinum silicone.
    Low carbon, environmental protection, organic materials can be recycled, low energy consumption.
    Creative design, colorful and fun. Simple, practical, evenly heated.
  • Q How to make a silicone products?

    Phase 1 Silicone products use traditional thermoforming technology, platinum silicone into or pressed into the mold, to obtain molded products.
    The most stringent quality inspection system is available to visually detect molded platinum silicone products to ensure the quality of the product.

    Phase 2 Bake at a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius - Put the platinum silicone molded product into an industrial oven and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for at least 4 hours to reinforce the stability of the product.("Baking process")
    Phase 3 A strict quality inspection system monitors the entire production process and inspects all finished products to ensure the highest quality productquality.
    Phase 4 The quality inspection system randomly inspects the final product to ensure that the product is in full compliance with the relevant food contact regulations.

  • Q Do you do OEM/ODM?

    A We have powerful OEM/ODM ability and capacity, working with many international brands, like Amazon Basics, 85℃,Daiso, and family mart.
  • Q What is your product material? Any certificate?

    Our environmental friendly silicone products are made of 100% food grade silicone material,
    approve by FDA, EEC and LFGB systerms, and comfoming to international food grade standards. 
  • Q What do we do?

    A Silicone ice cube tray, silicone coffee cup, silicone collapsible lunch box, silicone pet pad, silicone kitchen products are our main products.
  • Q Are you a trading company?

    A No, we are professional manufacturer who has 5 years experience.
  • Q Who we are?

    A We are Espring silicone Industry and trade company.ltd, a company dedicated to making silicone products and giving customers a better life-changing.


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