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What You Need to Know About Silicone Kitchenware?

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What Are the Benefits of Using Silicone Tableware?

Compared with ceramics, plastic and metal tableware, silicone tableware is able to reserve temperature of the food, whether it is hot food or cold food. If you place hot food in regular tableware, it will easily get cold, especially in winter. However, silicone storage boxes can retain the warmth of the food and at the same time, prevent people being burned by the hot food.


The particularity of the silicone itself endowed silicone products with amazing heat and cold resistance. As we all know, plastic food containers, once heated, will release harmful substance. However, silicone food container will not produce harmful substances if it is heated.


Collapsible silicone sandwich container can be folded, kneaded and flipped. It takes up little space and can be put into pocket. Different from regular food containers, it will not mold even after a long-term use.


Thanks to its high and low temperature resistance, silicone kitchenware can withstand as high temperature as 240℃ without deformation, and as low as -40℃ without hardening, so we can put them into the microwave oven, without having to worry that it will melt, age or yellow.


Silicone reusable container is easier to clean than metal ones. The stains on it can be washed away with detergents with little or no chemical substances.


The chemical properties of silica gel are very stable, so products made of silicone have a longer life than other materials.


Thanks to the softness of the silica gel, silicone kitchen utensils and appliances have great flexibility and texture.

According to the needs of customers, silicone products can be made into various colors, which is particularly important for silicone place mat as children need colorful objects to help them focus.


From treating raw materials to making finished product shipment, no toxic and harmful substance is produced. So you can buy silicone products with a clear conscience as it is environmentally friendly and toxic-free.


How often should Silicone Kitchenware Be Replaced?

Silica gel is divided into common silica gel, medical silica gel and food grade silicone gel. The collapsible silicone snack container is made of food grade silica gel, so it can be used for at least five years


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What Machine Is Needed in Manufacturing Silicone Product?

Basically vulcanization machine is used in making silicone products. It can be divided into the large vulcanization machine, which weighs 500 tons, medium vulcanization machine, which weighs 300 tons and small vulcanization machine, which weighs 250 tons. To make silicone food box, a vulcanization machine of small size will be enough.



How to Remove the Printing on the Silicone Kitchen Utensils and Appliances?

After screen printing before baking, you can use a dust-free cloth dipped in a little white oil to erase the screen printing. Remember to do it before baking. Once it is baked it is very difficult to remove the screen printing, unless it is sanded with sand paper or electric grinding wheel.


Can the Defective Silicone Kitchen Utensils and Appliances be Recycled for Production?

Once molded, few defective silicone products could be reproduced. Normally, defective products are thrown away.


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