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What Do You Need to Know about Silicone Milk Bottles?

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Silicone milk bottles are made of liquid silicone, which does not contain bisphenol A and do not break easily. Reusable silicone milk bottle has excellent transparency, tear resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and weatherability.


Traditional milk bottles are made of plastic, and a large number of antioxidants, plasticizers and stabilizers must be added in the production of plastic. These additives are harmful to human body. And plastic releases environmental hormones at high temperatures, which accumulate in the body's adipose tissue. Silicone does not produce environmental hormone. Various children's products made of medical grade silicone, such as silicone bowl for baby, silicone coffee cup and silicone spoon for baby, can protect the safety and health of babies. In addition, silicone is also a breathing material. It can better keep food fresh.



Advantages of Silicone Milk Bottle

Before the advent of mini silicone milk bottles, milk bottles were mainly made of plastic and glass. But plastic bottles may damage your baby's health, and glass bottles are fragile and bulky, so best silicone milk bottles are the best for your baby. Moreover, if the glass bottle is broken, a large number of glass fragments will be left on the ground. These fragments are very sharp and may hurt the baby.


Micky mouse silicone milk bottle combines the advantages of plastic bottle and glass bottle. It is not only light, but also safe, healthy and tough. It is a perfect product. In use, you just need to squeeze the bottle gently, and the liquid food in the bottle can flow out. In addition, flexible silicone milk bottles can also be put into the microwave oven when heating. But parents must be careful when they buy waterproof silicone milk bottles. If you buy a poor quality product, it may cause serious harm to the baby's health. Therefore, it is best to buy silicone milk bottles produced by well-known manufacturers, so as to have quality assurance. 


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How to Disinfect Silicone Milk Bottle

No matter what material the bottle is, it needs to be disinfected and cleaned before use. Because milk is rich in nutrients, if it is exposed to the air, it will quickly deteriorate. Bad milk contains a large number of bacteria, which will accumulate in the bottle. So the bottle should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use. When cleaning silicone milk bottles, it is recommended to use detergent and water. The detergent can remove all the stains in the bottle. After cleaning, it is best to put the silicone milk bottle into boiling water, which can play the role of disinfection. If there is no boiling water, you can also put the silicone milk bottle into the microwave oven for heating, which is also a way to disinfect the bottle.



How Often Should the Silicone Milk Bottle Be Replaced

Generally speaking, silicone milk bottles do not need frequent replacement, only regular disinfection. However, the nipple on the silicone bottle is a consumable, which will deform and deteriorate after long-term use. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the nipple every three months. If the bottle body has serious wear and tear, it is recommended to replace the bottle every six months. 


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