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What Are Silicone Baby Products?

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At present, European factories and factories in the United States are using soft rubber material to produce silicone baby products, and silicone has become the most soft rubber material at present. Due to its many excellent characteristics, silicone can replace other materials for children's products. First of all, silicone is food grade material, so it has no adverse effect on children's skin. The soft silicone does not harm children's skin at all and can be used as a molar stick. Silicone children's products also have a variety of functions such as fall prevention. In the appearance, the silicone products can be made into different shapes according to the needs of customers. The following content introduces some common silicone children's products.



Silicone Nipple

The reusable silicone nipple is soft and resilient, allowing the baby to suck without being hurt by the nipple. Liquid silicone is a high temperature resistant material that you can sterilize in a variety of ways. The collapsible silicone nipple is designed with one-way air conduction, which can prevent the baby from sucking in too much air when drinking milk.


Before using the airtight silicone nipple, the bottle should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Clean hands before assembling the bottle. When dissolving milk powder in water, do not use hot water, or baby might be hurt. Before feeding the baby, be sure to tighten the nipple cover to prevent leakage of milk from the gap. Parents should also try the temperature of milk before feeding, the best temperature is about 37 ℃.

silicone cake mold



Silicone Milk Bottle

Silicone milk bottle is made of medical grade silicone, with a lovely shape. Foldable silicone bottle is very soft. When the baby accidentally dropped the bottle to the ground, it will not break. In addition, cleaning stretchable silicone milk bottles is also a simple thing, parents do not need to use a brush to clean it. The mini silicone milk bottles are marked with scales to make it easy for parents to know how much water to use. 



Silicone Spoon

The silicone spoon for baby is made of food grade silicone and nylon. Silicone spoon for toddlers does not contain BPA, and is non-toxic and harmless for infants. Waterproof silicone spoon is soft, tear resistant and aging resistant.


Before using the airtight silicone spoon, you should wash it with clean water for more than 5 minutes, and then put it into boiling water for disinfection. After using the silicone spoon, you should place it in a cool and ventilated place. Try to put the silicone spoon in the place out of reach of the baby, to avoid the baby taking the spoon when the parents are not looking, so as to avoid accidents. Before each use of silicone spoon, check whether the spoon is damaged, and if so, replace it immediately. The color of the spoon may change after a long time of use. This is because the spoon will absorb the pigment in the food, which will not cause harm to the human body, so you can continue to use the discolored spoon.


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