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Methods to Extend the Service Life of Silicone Products

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Now, silicone products have been very common in our life. The most popular ones are silicone mobile phone cases, silicone ice cube tray, silica lunch box and silicone cake mold, etc. They have come into every aspect of our life.


Thanks to its stable properties, silicone product is very durable. However, sometimes you may find that it has turned yellow, which makes you wonder if you should throw it away. Lucky you, this article will introduce some maintenance tips for silicone products.


First of all, we need to know the common causes for the aging of silicone.



Oxygen can oxidize the silica gel molecules, causing the molecular chain to break or over-crosslink, thus reducing the performance of silica gel. This is one of the important causes of silicone aging.



Temperature can cause silica gel molecules to crack or cross-link, and increase oxygen diffusion rate, thus catalyzing oxidation.



The shorter the light wave, the higher the energy, which is especially true of the ultraviolet. Its effect on silica gel is similar to that of heat, except that light mainly acts on the surface of the silicone.


Other Factors

In addition, ozone, mechanical stress, and high-energy radiation can also cause silicone aging.



Maintenance Tips

Keep silicone products away from the source of fire or electricity.


After each use, use hot water to clean the silicone appliance and let it air dry. Do not clean it directly with corrosive detergent.


Do not use sharp utensils around silicone products.


Silicone appliances are easy to accumulate dust, so when not using silicone appliances, put them in a cool, clean cabinet or box.


Although silicone products has great flexibility, high and low temperature resistance, pressure resistance and chemical stability, we still need to take good care of it so as to prolong its service life.



Factors Affecting the Aging of Silicone Products

Contacting Medium Aging

When being exposed in the air, silicone product might be affected by the moisture in the air. Silicone wrapper, when being used in saline areas, is also susceptible to aging. The aging may due to the degradation of the cross-linking system.


Thermal Oxygen Aging

The oxidation and decomposition reaction of the side chain organic group mainly occurs in the high temperature in an open environment with oxygen, which leads to the hardening of the silica gel. However, in a closed environment with high temperature and no oxygen, the main chain fracture reaction may happen, generating volatile cyclic polysiloxane, leading to silica gel softening.


Ozone Aging

The content of the ozone in the atmosphere is very low, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. In the aging process, ozone attacks silica gel molecules, causes it to explode, resulting in the cracks on the surface. Ozone reacts with double bonds in silica gel molecules to produce molar ozonides and peroxides, which are then regenerated into ozonides. The ozonide is decomposed into free radicals under the action of light and heat, etc., leading to chain growth reactions. In addition, silica gel will produce molecular fracture under the action of stress.


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