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Is The Silicone Kneading Mat Useful?

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In our daily lives, we inevitably deal with kitchen utensils and kitchenware every day. Facing the white and clean ceramic dishes and metal shovel, it will inevitably lead to a bit of boredom. Therefore, according to consumers' freshness, plastic, TPE, wood and other materials have gradually entered the kitchen. Silicone kitchen utensils have also been added gradually, bringing more ritual and good mood to our daily life, such as common silicone placemats, silicone spatulas, silicone brushes, silicone storage containers, silicone freezer containers and silicone ice cube tray.


As for dinner plates, pots and bowls, silicone reusable containers are as exquisite as ceramics, as resistant to drops as hardware, and in the same category as plastics, and are more harmonious with life, so they can be widely used. As silicone cooking products, these silicone containers have a unique side. They can be combined with nylon, metal or plastic for secondary vulcanization. They are suitable for outdoor low-temperature cooking, outdoor baking, household spoons, etc.


In fact, the raw materials of silicone kitchen supplies, including silicone kneading pads, are actually the same as those of silicone pacifiers, and they are all food-grade silicone. Silicone kitchen utensils made of this food-grade silicone are completely safe.



The Practicality of Silicone Kneading Pads


The anti-sticking effect of the silicone kneading pad is much better than that of the wooden chopping board, and there are scales around it. There is also the size of a pizza round in the center. The wooden chopping board does not have a scale, and it is much more difficult to operate than a silicone kneading pad. There is also a silicone baking mat, which is also a kind of silicone products. The advantage of the baking mat is that it can withstand high temperatures above 220 degrees and is a non-toxic product that is very safe. Oven safe silicone containers are very safe containers dedicated to ovens.


In order to improve practicability and versatility, some silicone baking mats also have scales and sizes to assist in situations that may be encountered during the baking process. Baking silicone baking mats generally have the characteristics of small size, light weight, high temperature resistance, good anti-slip performance, and easy cleaning. It is a very convenient and practical tool when baking. The prices of silicone baking mats and silicone kneading mats are higher than wooden chopping boards, but they have a long service life and are more convenient to clean, fold and store. 

silicone pad

The following section takes the silicone kneading pad as the starting point to introduce in detail the advantages of silicone tableware.



The silica gel kneading pad is made of imported food silica gel, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and has a much stronger adsorption force than ordinary kneading pads. It is very useful for family kneading. When we first use the silicone kneading pad, we must first sprinkle a little dry powder. As a relatively new kitchen utensil, silicone tableware has the advantages of softness, no damage and no sticking to the pot. Food grade silicone containers can withstand high temperatures of 200°C and maintain their original form.


Advantages And Characteristics of Silicone Tableware


Use pure natural food-grade silicone raw materials for custom processing.


It can withstand high and low temperatures, and can reach about 240 degrees under normal circumstances.


The color is diversified, and can be made into single color, double color or even multiple colors.


The material is flexible and tough, and the silicone kitchenware manufacturers use paste-like solid silicone for processing.


Silicone materials will not cause damage or bruising whether used by children or middle-aged and elderly people. It is very convenient to travel with silicone kids placemat and silicone travel placemat.


Outdoor dining essentials, including silicone collapsible food containers and silicone meal prep containers, can be folded for storage.


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