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How to Wash Silicone Off Your Hands?

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When using silicone products, especially silicone cake mold, silicone kitchenware and silicone bowl, you might accidentally turn the temperature too high and burn the silicone products, and thus might get some silicone stains on your hand or on your clothes. This article is here to teach to how to wash silicone off your hands and how to get stains off your clothes.



How to Wash Silicone off Your Hands

Wash your hand sticky with silicone with hot water, of course, preferably with a little banana oil.


Wipe your hand with paper or cloth when the silica gel is not dry, and then wash your hand with water. Never reverse the sequence, or you will only find that your hand get stickier.


Wash your hand with alkaline soap. Generally speaking, silica gel can be divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel according to its properties and components. Inorganic silica gel is a kind of highly active adsorption material, which usually reacts with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid. So alkaline soap is able to melt the silicone on your hand.



5 Ways to Wash Glue Stains off Clothes

1. Removal of Universal Glue Stains

To wash clothes stained with universal glue, you can drop some acetone or banana oil droplets on the glue stains. Use a brush to repeatedly brush the clothes until the stains become soft and fall from the clothes. Then rinse it with water until the clothes become clean. Do not use this method for fabrics containing acetate fiber to avoid damage to the fabric.


2. Removal of White Latex Stains

White latex is a synthetic resin, polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Its characteristic is that in addition to nylon silk and the like, it is adhesive to most cellulosic materials. However, it can be dissolved in a variety of solutions. So it is relatively easy to remove white latex stains. You can soak the clothes with the latex stains in 60℃ white wine or a mixture of 8:2 alcohol (95%) and water. After soaking for about half an hour, you can scrub the clothes with water, and finally rinse it with water.


3. Removal of Gum Stains

When clothes get gum stains on it, you can first use raw egg white to remove the gum on the surface of the clothes, then wipe off the loose remaining gum by scrubbing, and then wash the clothes in soapy water, and finally rinse it with water. If it is a cloth that cannot be washed with water, try carbon tetrachloride.


4. Removal of Glue Stains

If the clothes is stained with glue, soak the stained parts of the clothes in warm water. When the stains are dissolved by the water, rub it with your hands until all the stains are rubbed off. Then wash it again with warm detergent, and finally rinse the clothes with clean water.


5. Removal of Watercolor Stains

When the clothes are stained with watercolor, first use hot water to dissolve and remove the colloid in the stain, then decolorize it with detergent or light ammonia, and finally rinse it with water. White clothes can be decolorized with hydrogen peroxide.


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