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How to Distinguish Genuine and Sham Silicone?

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Do you know how to tell the genuine silicone products from shoddy ones? Silica gel products have been widely used in our life, but a lot of profit-driven manufacturers make a wealth of fake and shoddy products to save money and to maximize profit. Maybe you have already been cheated to buy fakes silicone products which generally contain harmful substances and can cause irritation to our skin. This article will teach you how to tell the true silicone from the false ones.


Whether you decide to buy silicone product of a famous brand or a well-known one, make sure they have the relevant national department certification.


Food-grade silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloidal material made of polycondensation of silicate. It is mainly composed of SiO2·nH2O and is non-toxic and tasteless, and has stable chemical properties. Under normal conditions, it does not react with any acid, alkali and salt except caustic and hydrofluoric acid. At present, the infant products on the market mainly use drug grade silica gel and food grade silica gel, among which the drug grade silica gel has higher standards and needs to be certified by the State Food and Drug Administration. Infant silicone products on the market in China such as silicone baby bib, silicone baby bowl, and silicone baby spoon, generally follow the national standards of China, the United States, and South Korea. So never buy silicone products without the certification of the Food and Drug Administration.



Ways of Distinction

Since edible silica gel can be eaten after sterilization and disinfection without causing any side effects on the human body. Therefore, many parents now prefer to use silicone baby items instead of plastic one. However, some manufacturers tend to use latex or rubber to replace silicone in order to lower production cost and maximize profit so you should be extremely careful when picking silicone products. Here is some advice from professionals.


The genuine silicone products is more flexible and is not easy to be deformed by external force and they feel more smooth and soft while the fake silicone products is easy to deform, and feel more hard as they lack a layer of grease on the surface.


From the aspect of characteristics, real silicone products are non-toxic, odorless, colorful, has good texture, and produce no harm to the human body, yet the fake silica gel products are generally toxic, rough and have pungent smell!


At the same time, burning genuine and fake silica gel to tell the difference is also very effective. Fake silica gel products emit black smoke and the residue is black powder while the real silica gel products, no matter what color they are, emit white smoke and the residue is white powder.


Finally, because the production process of silica gel itself is complex, so its price will not be particularly low, so do not think you can buy a genuine silicone products with extremely low price.


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