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How to Clean The Silicone Dough Pad?

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Advantages of Silicone Kitchenware

Silicone tableware refers to tableware products made of silicone materials. It is non-toxic, tasteless, high temperature resistant, and molded with food-grade silica gel. Compared with ceramic, plastic, and hardware tableware, silicone tableware is compatible with temperature. Whether the food is cold or hot, silicone tableware can protect the temperature of the food itself and reduce temperature changes and loss. The food placed in silicone food containers, silicone food storage containers or collapsible food storage bowls can maintain the original temperature for a period of time.


Silicone is heat-resistant enough to meet people's daily needs. Some people think that silicone spatulas are too soft. In fact, some silicone spatulas have a hard metal core inside, which is very hard. The silicone zip containers and reusable silicone ziplock bags are easy to carry.


In terms of hygiene, silica gel is also much more hygienic than wood and iron products. The water and oil repellency of silicone makes it very easy to clean, and silicone products including silicone espresso cups and ceramic coffee mug with silicone lid can enter the dishwasher, so silicone kitchenware is completely usable.


There are many types of silicone products, each of which has a different purpose and cleaning. Take the cleaning method of silicone kneading pad as an example, the following explains in detail how to clean silicone kitchen utensils.

Silicone kneading pads can be used to make steamed buns, buns, bread, etc. in the family. The anti-sticking effect of the silicone kneading pad is much better than that of the wooden chopping board, and there are scales around it. There is also the size of a pizza pie in the center.


Silicone kneading pads can be scrubbed with detergent or soap brushes. This type of cleaning is very simple. Or it can be soaked in warm boiled water, and then scrubbed with a towel. If the silicone kneading pad has serious stickiness, it can only be replaced with a new one and no further application. 


Once the silicone kneading pad becomes sticky, you should brush the surface of the product with vegetable oil before using it next time. That way, the silicone kneading pad can be lifted to avoid stickiness. commodity. You don't have to use it once and clean it once. After the product is cleaned, it must be placed in the sun to dry, which can also avoid sticky conditions when you use it.



Cleaning Method of Silicone Kneading Pad

1. The silicone kneading pad can be cleaned with cold water. If the surface is uneven, we can use a small brush to clean it gently; if the cleaning is really bad, you can wipe it with soap to clean it;


2. If it is the kind of silicone kneading mat that removes heat, you can use ethanol to remove it;


3. If it is the kind of silica gel that dissipates heat, you can use ethanol to remove it;


4. Dip a small shabu-shabu with some xylene soaked in the silica gel area, wipe the silica gel soaked with xylene with toilet paper, and finally wipe it with a towel.


The cleaning method of silicone kneading pad is also applicable to silicone baby bowl mat, silicone baby feeding mat and silicone suction placemat.


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