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How to Choose A Silicone Nipple?

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When babies drink milk, they need a bottle and a nipple. And the nipple will directly contact with the baby's mouth, so the quality of the nipple will also affect the health of the baby. Here's how to choose a quality nipple. 



Material of Nipple

Latex Nipple

The nipple is made of natural latex, which is soft and elastic. Latex has strong resilience and tensile resistance. But the latex is easy to be oxidized, and not resistant to high temperature. It will turn yellow or even be damaged after using for a period of time. Latex nipple should be placed in a cool place, and can not be exposed to the sun. Although latex is a natural material, but it is easy to age and will emit odor, so some babies may not like latex nipples.


Silicone Nipple

Mini silicone nipples are made of food grade or medical grade silicone. The elasticity and toughness of silicone are not as good as latex, but the silicone is smooth, odorless, transparent and high temperature resistant. Silicone nipples are more durable than latex nipples, and if you find cracks or holes in them, you need to replace them immediately.


Collapsible silicone nipple is transparent, non-toxic, odorless, not easy to aging, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, so it can be put into boiling water for disinfection. However, because the elasticity of silicone is not as good as latex, the silicone nipple for baby need to be replaced every three months.


Rubber Nipple

Rubber nipples are made of natural rubber and generally have a light yellow color. But this kind of nipple has a peculiar smell, is easy to age, and is not resistant to high temperature. So this kind of nipple is generally not recommended.


silicone nipple


What Should Be Noted When Choosing A Silicone Nipple

Compared with other materials, waterproof silicone nipples have significant advantages, so it is recommended to buy silicone nipples for toddlers. When purchasing best silicone nipples, parents also need to pay attention to the following issues. Because babies suck in different ways, so nipple manufacturers make a variety of shapes of reusable silicone nipples.


Round hole: this type of nipple is the most common. The milk in the bottle can automatically flow out from the round hole, so the baby is easy to drink, does not need to suck hard, suitable for the baby who just started using the milk bottle. According to the size of the round hole, the nipple can be divided into three models. Small round hole nipples are suitable for drinking water, medium round hole nipples are suitable for drinking milk, and large round hole silicone nipples are suitable for drinking and fluid foods, such as porridge. 


X hole: the milk in the bottle does not easily flow out of the X hole silicone nipple of the nipple, so the baby needs to suck to get the milk. This nipple is suitable for babies of all ages. 


Y hole: this nipple can control the flow of milk, even if the baby sucks hard, the flow of milk is stable. The Y hole silicone nipple is suitable for babies who have been using bottles for 2 to 3 months.


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