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Advantages of Silicone Straw

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Most of the silicone straws are cylindrical, and some are square and oval. In our daily life, people often use silicone straws to drink milk tea, yogurt, and juices. However, more often than not, the general public never notice they are using a silicone straw. Even if they do, they dont care. Nevertheless, silicone straws do have some differences from the traditional straws, and this article will introduce some of its advantages.



Advantages of Silicone Straw


Like any other silicone products such as silicone lunch box, silicone cake mold and silicone place mat, silicone straw is colorful. We often get plastic straws when we buy milk tea or drink in stores, we never care that much about a straw before until we get a colorful silicone straw. It has thousand of colors that attract our attention the moment we see it.


Environmentally Friendly and Sanitary

With the improvement of medical treatment, environmental protection, and sanitation, the life expectancy of people has also been improved. And now the public are paying more and more attention to health. The silicone straws are made of food-grade silicone through high temperature vulcanization. It is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic straws, and its non-toxic and odorless feature has won peoples favor. Some people even have a hobby of chewing straws, so silicone straws are safer than traditional straws.


silicone ice maker


The plastic straws are generally cheap, so users generally throw them away after use as they are not recyclable. It is not easy to decompose in nature, which not only causes a waste of resources, but also brings great harm to the earth. Although silicone straw is relatively more expensive than ordinary straw, it is easy to clean, so it will not cause waste of resources.



For people who like to chew straws, silicone straw is really a gift from heaven. Silicone straw can stay intact after being chewed. And thanks to its softness and flexibility, no tooth mark will be left on it after being chewed on! Besides, it can be reused. After some time, you can disinfect the straw with boiling water and reuse it. In fact, all silicone products, including silicone ice mold and silicone cake mold, have long service life. They are not easy to break, and can return to their original shape after being pulled or stretched.


Note: When using silicone straws, keep the silicone straws away from sharp knives to avoid cutting, and keep them away from open flames, fire and heat, otherwise they may melt! Silicone straws generally can withstand temperatures between -40 and 220 degrees.


If you like to use draw when having a drink and dont want to pollute the environment, you can try the silicone straw, which is not only colorful, safe, but also reusable and environmentally friendly. Though it is more expensive than plastic ones, they are more durable and for a straw biter, safer. 


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