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LED Application of Hotel


In the recently years, the application of LED (LED Testing System) has transfered from outdoor use to indoor use which is divided into many market, hotel illuminance is one of them.It is also an important thing in the field of LED commercial lightings.


Feasibility analysis should begins from the cost and hotel lighting system.As we all know, atmosphere is very important to a hotel.And though lighting system, we can adjust the warm or cold feelings and seeing. In the hotel construction of energy consumption, central heating, aeration, air condition and refrigeration energy consumption (about 40%) rank first, secondly is illumination (Illumination Standard) energy consumption (about 35%), and thirdly the office equipment and hot water.Thus we can easy see that electric power cost is at the first.This explained that why we would better to construct energy-saving hotel illumination.


Some demestic hotel such as Shanghai Shangrila Hotel has already changed their lights to LED lights. Beijing friendship hotel change the lights of lobby, corridor and Multi-functional Hall to LED lights. Professor Tienan Li of China Academy of Building Research said that lighting is very important in the hotel environmental design, it is irreplaceable for safeguard place function, environmental ornamental, atmosphere creating, construction of specific style.Guoqing Tang said that hotel lighting is becoming the breakthrough points of LED indoor lighting.He pointed that hotel LED lighting would be faster than other way as for hotel 24 hours lighting system, it is more energy saving.

As the hotel application time is long, the quality of the LED light can decide the suppliers.In terms of long life time and reliable, LED light has advantage of semiconductor illumination.


In China, environment of LED (LED Tester) lightings are impetuous tendency, most of the company stay in the mid-range and low end market.We need some competitive company to guid us to walk out of this environment and make some ‎Innovation or create ourselves brand. Illumination is an long term market, we should both feed ourselves and consider the future development.